Hi everybody i'm Jessica Smith and i want to tell you a bit about myself. I'm random, somewhat cool and popular ( I have like 15 friends ) and weird. I'm in 7th grade math. I love playing soccer. I play goalie and forward/midfield in soccer. Also i was home-schooled along with my four siblings till I was half way through 1st grade. Then i went to a school called Fairbanks elementary school till 5th grade. Then i moved here to Dublin and went to Indian run elementary school. let me tell you about my siblings. I have a Brother named Josh in 5th grade doing 6th grade math and reading leap. I'm in 6th grade in 7th grade math. I have a sister named Emily in 8th grade doing 9th grade math. I have a sister named Marcella in 10th grade taking tons of AP classes. Then finally i have my older brother Zac in 12th grade. i have a cat named Viv a dog named Elise and two hamsters named Lizzy and Bella. that's me.