After creating the DLO....... now what?

DLOs need to be saved where others can access them and they can easily be embedded in lessons for students.
I good central location for all Dublin teachers to use is the Content Libraries found in the Staff Dashboard area.

All video DLOs should be placed in vBrick. The video needs to be in H.264 format, which will play on multiple devices.

Images, PDFs, and any other files can be uploaded into the Images, Files, and URLs area.

Once the DLOs are in the Content Libraries, they can be embedded in any lesson. Lessons can be created right in the Lessons database found in the Staff Dashboard.

Or you can embed the DLOs from the Content Libraries in your Teacher Web Page or in your Class Wiki.
If you don't have a teacher web page or class wiki, one can be created for you.

Unless you have a password protected page on your teacher web page, you would need to be careful not to post DLOs with student faces and/or full student names. If the DLO is purely content information, it would be fine to post on your regular teacher web page.

The class wiki provides a password protected environment which is ideal for posting any DLOs that have students in them.

Note: When naming your DLO, you might want to consider creating some type of system or naming convention which identifies the standard(s) the DLO is addressing. That might make it easier when creating lesson plans for that standard in future years.

Wiki Share Space

Once you create your DLO, upload it to this wiki and create a link to it here. Click here for Directions

French 1 - Haney