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Grade 6:

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks have unique characteristics that can be used for identification and/or classification

  • Most rocks are composed of one or more minerals, but there are a few types of sedimentary rocks that contain organic material, such as coal. The composition of the rock, types of mineral present, mineral arrangement, and/or mineral shape and size can be used to identify the rock and to interpret its history of formation, breakdown (weathering) and transport (erosion).

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks form in different ways

  • Magma or lava cools and crystallizes to form igneous rocks. Heat and pressure applied to existing rock forms metamorphic rocks. Sedimentary rock forms as existing rock weathers chemically and/or physically and the weathered material is compressed and then lithifies. Each rock type can provide information about the environment in which it was formed.

Teach your lesson as you normally would. The DLO's should offer students alternate ways to learn and review the information presented. They could also be used to support students based on their individual needs determined by formative assessments.

DLO's should be in as many formats as possible: text, videos, presentations, pictures, musical, and online to support as many learning styles and interests as possible. The DLO's should also encompass a variety of levels of difficulty to support the range of learners.


Rock Cycle - Graphic
Metamorphic2.pdf - Text information
Metamorphic.pdf - Text with graphics
IgneousRocks.pdf - Text information
Sedimentary.pdf - Text information


Bill Nye the Science Guy - Pet Rock Theatre.mp4 - Weathering
Earth History- Rocks u0026 Paleo Earth.mp4 - How rocks are formed - higher level
Geology Kitchen- The 3 Types of Rocks.mp4 - How rocks are formed - lower level - demonstration uses food
My Life As A Rock.mp4 - Student created - stop motion/animation
Our World- The Rock Cycle.mp4 - Made by NASA - lower level
Rock Cycle.mp4 - Animation - no audio
rock - Student created
The Rock Cycle In Lego!.mp4 - Student created - explanation using Lego's
The Rock Cycle video (from Learning About Rocks and Minerals Series) by Visual Learning Systems.mp4 - Overview of types of rocks with good picture examples
The Rock Cycle.mp4 - Student created - slideshow with voiceover and video
Three Main Rocks and the Rock Cycle.mp4 - Types of rocks
Types of Rocks & Rocks Cycle Video for Kids by - Types of rocks - lower level - cartoon/animation
Rock Cycle Claymation - Student created - stop motion project



Zane's Rock Cycle PDF
PowerPoint Presentation from SlideShare


Bill Nye the Science Guy - Rocks Rock Harder.mp4 - Professional
Mr. Lee - Rock Cycle rap.mp4 - Teacher created
My Heart will Go On - Rock Cycle Song (jrgabrielREAL).mp4 - Student created
Rock Cycle Song.mp4 - Student created
The Rock Cycle Song.mp4 - Student created
Types of Rocks Song.mp4 - Teacher created


Rock Hounds
Kids Love Rocks