Presentations - Keynote - students took pictures to document concept/experiment
FamousArtworkSmartBuild.key - Keynote Smart Build
FamousPersonNonLinear.key - Keynote non-linear
frogs.pdf - Pages from template - Keynote - student created - video added to slides
Taking Apart Mock Rocks and
The Scratch
weathering and
What holds
sink or float class - Keynote to document class experiment
Past and - Keynote Buddies project to document learning
Matter vocab - Keynote exported as QuickTime
Matter vocab Slideshow.pdf - Keynote exported as PDF - Keynote used to demonstrate understanding of homophones
The Autobiography of a Worm - Keynote used to create digital story with audio
Canada Presentation - Keynote - student created
France Presentation


biome_demps.JPG - Picture of student created poster
Earth_BB.JPG - Picture of bulletin board
weathering_erosion.pdf - Pages - student created - pictures and explanation of erosion
Force_Report.pages - Pages - student created - video added
HSAlgebra - PDF created from SmartBoard lesson

Video/Audio - iMovie - student created - iMovie - student created
Ava.m4v - iMovie - green screen - persuasive writing
Biome.m4v - IMovie - green screen - student created demonstrating understanding of biomes - GarageBand - multimedia file
Finding_Images.mp4 - QuickTime screen casting
Fly Guy.m4v - iMove - green screen - Video taken of chart/poster with audio explanation - Video - Video taken of student explaining long division problem - Video - GarageBand - multimedia file of crayfish molting in class
Ohio good.mp4 - Explain Everything - iPad App - student used to demonstrate understanding of Ohio concepts
Ohio_explainEverything 5.mp4 - Explain Everything
Paige story .mp4 - iMove green screen - student's own illustrations were used as background while story is read by student
sci_soil.mp4 - Video documenting soil testing
Scientific Method Song - QuickTime or GarageBand - used to create audio file
Solar - GarageBand - multimedia file
spanish_vocab.mp4 - iMovie with voice recording - Screen capture of math lesson
HSMathQuiz.mp4 - Screen recording of math class